ADG Development Guide

A Guide to the ADG Global Standards

Getting Started

The Application Development Group (ADG) Development Guide provides a set of standards and guidelines for developers to use as a foundation for new and existing web applications. It is encouraged that all applications use the common theme, structure, components, and standards to create a recognizable brand, reusability, and reliable applications.

The UI Guide breaks down the components from a common CSS file called ADG Standards that builds upon Bootswatch's Bootstrap Cerulean theme. In addition to the ADG Standards file, all of the files that are available via the ADG CDN are listed in the CDN Assets.

ADG Coding Standards

ADG Coding Standards
ADG Best Practices - Projects
ADG Best Practices - Programming
ADG Best Practices - User Interface

Using the Development Guide

ADG Standards Stylesheet

ADG styling rules are defined in a stylesheet that builds upon the existing Bootstrap Cerulean theme from bootswatch. The two files combined make up the foundation of the ADG theme and user interface standards. it's recommended that all new ADG projects begin with this approach.

Reference from the CDN

The adg-standards.css file can be referenced from a CDN and included in projects with the link below. This is the recommended approach for all production applications and should be included after the bootstrap cerulean file.
Bootstrap Cerulean
ADG Standards
Snippet: Links for including the Bootstrap Cerulean and ADG Standards files served from the ADG CDN.
                <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Using a Local Copy

When using a local verion of the ADG Standards file, it's recommended to still use the CDN version for production applications. Changes made to a local file should be for development purposes only and can be recommended for future releases of the ADG Standards file. A local copy can be useful for intellisense in Visual Studio.

Review the Source Code

The ADG Standards source code is stored in Visual Studio Team Services under the ADG CDN Assets project for source control. The full history of the file can be found here in addition to the other ADG CDN Assets.

Project Templates

Visual Studio Project Templates can be added to the available project templates for new projects. These project templates include the basic standards for ADG .NET application development.

Visual Studio .NET Templates

Project templates can be inserted into the Visual Studio Project Templates folder to be used as a starting point for new projects. Below is a list of ADG developed Visual Studio Project Templates.
ADG MVC 5 Auth Template
ADG MVC 5 Template

CDN Assets

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network which has edge servers that are tuned to provide media files with very low latency to web-browsers, and as a user receives a file from the CDN the browser will cache it for reuse. This means that different sites using the same Javascript library can share a large performance improvement since the browser does not need to download the same file from different servers for each site.

jQuery & Bootstrap

The most common stylesheet and script files being used, in addition to the ADG Standards and Bootstrap Cerulean stylesheets, are the Bootstrap and jQuery script files. These are all available over the ADG CDN at the following urls.
jQuery Script
Bootstrap Script

Knowledge Center

As a developer, it is important to know how much information, training, and resources are available for free. At no cost, a developer can download Visual Studio Community Edition, join Microsoft Azure to receive free credits, and begin developing Web Apps deployed to Azure's App Service free tier.
The Knowledge Center has a full list of articles regarding developing with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, jQuery, and JSON, as well as, storing your code in Visual Studio Team Services using Git.